Wroclaw City Tours

Wratislavia Tour Offer is the best way to explore Wrocław. We offer a variety of activities and an affordable form of tours. It’s all thanks to precisely prepared program realized by qualified guides. We can assure you that Wrocław tours can be fascinating. We try to interest both the older and the younger members of the expedition, by choosing the most attractive places, full of interesting history, wonderful landscapes, as well as an incredible atmosphere that the Lower Silesia is full of . We offer walking tours, tours by bus, boat, tram, as well as by MELEX. Each time we can guarantee the finest emotions and exceptional memories. We invite you to have a closer look at our offer.

A walk around the Old Town in Wrocław is the most popular and the best way of getting to know the city. Wrocław tour guides will show you the most beautiful nooks, of the city and tell the most interesting stories about Wrocław
MELEX Wrocław tour is the best way to quickly get to know the city centre. In Wrocław, melex can use many streets that are closed to a car traffic. So, if you do not have the time or your feet hurt, you should choose this offer!
You can also explore Wrocław on a ship or a boat. Such a cruise is sure to provide unforgettable experiences. Wrocław looks completely different from the perspective of the Order river. It is good to be on a ship with a guide, who can, in an accessible and humorous way, talk about the places you see and answer your questions..
A tram tour is an option for lovers of antique vehicles. While planning this trip, please note that as a tram drives on rails- it has its limitations and we would not be able to see all the sights. An experienced Wrocław guide can make it up to you by telling you all about it..
Wrocław is a city that has the youngest tourists in mind. The guides will happily go on a Wrocław dwarfs route, or propose to explore the Wrocław Zoo. The trip can end in one of the places offering hand-made sweets. Welcome!
We have an offer of tour in Wrocław for bikers. Such a tour will allow us to see the most interesting parts of the city. In addition to the tourist attractions of Wrocław, we can take a ride on the Oder shafts or city parks. You can also take a ride outside Wrocław.
Sightseeing places associated with the Wrocław Jews can be an incredible journey, which covers the period from the Middle Ages until today. Guide will show you: the Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery, which is currently a Cemetery Art Museum. This unique place on the map of Wroclaw is the burial place of Edith Stein’s and Ferdinand Lassal’s parents.
This trip is limited not only to the topic of Solidarność. This is a story about the recent Polish history since the end of WWII till the end of the 80’s. Wrocław guides will show you a lot of places associated with the most recent Polish history.
This proposal is a courtesy to the tourists, who repeatedly asked about the best place to go shopping. What’s more, you don’t need a guide but only a map of Wrocław. We obviously encourage you to hire a guide for this tour who will take you quickly to the various shops and talk about their surroundings.