Wroclaw Activities

Adrenaline Park is 12.5 acres of picturesque, diverse terrain in the valley of Strzegomka river. You’ll find there 3 ropes courses, 4 zip lines including 2 the longest ones in Poland, quads, zorbing, paintball …
While being in Wrocław, you should go to the shooting range and try shooting from the most famous guns and carbines. Experienced instructors can provide professional training and an unforgettable experiences. The most commonly used weapons are: Glock pistols, AK rifles and shotguns.
Wrocław is a real paradise for lovers of paintball. We have a number of scenarios that will provide the highest level for both beginners and advanced players. Different areas can satisfy even the most demanding players. After the game we can organize a barbecue or a campfires.
A Laser paintball in Wrocław can offer a great and pure fun on a high level. This game is a combination of a traditional paintball and a modern technology. Instead of balls with paint you shoot a beam of light from realistic guns, and all this is placed in a dark labyrinth.
These are one of the most interesting attractions in Wrocław. In Wrocław you can race go-karts on a few, well-prepared for this tracks. Another suggestion is driving real rally cars on a specially prepared track. We can guarantee a good and safely prepared fun that will give you a bust of adrenaline!
Wrocław is also a great place for lovers of quads and off-road cars. We can offer several interesting routes of varying difficulty and in different distance from the city. We provide the right equipment, professional help and great fun. Off Road in Lower Silesia may be the perfect choice for nature and four wheels lovers..
Everyone knows what skydiving is, and no one has to be encouraged. It’s probably the biggest possible rush of adrenaline! The proximal and distal near Wroclaw there are several places where you can jump. So if you’re visiting Wrocław and you are lacking a little thrill, this offer is just for you!! Welcome!!!
Wrocław nie leży w górach, ale już po godzinie jazdy można się do nich dostać. Do wyboru kilka pasm górskich i szczytów, które można zdobyć podczas jednodniowej wycieczki z Wrocławia. Do najpopularniejszych należą: Masyw Ślęży, Wielka Sowa, Śnieżnik czy Śnieżka
In the vicinity of Wrocław there are several golf courses and many spas. A stay in the capital of the Lower Silesia can be used for a pleasant relaxation in one of these places.
There are 5 rivers in Wrocław including : the Odra river, which with its canals and islands creates ideal trail for canoeists. In addition, you can sail on many rivers of the Lower Silesia, full of scenic routes for boaters. The most interesting rivers are: the Barycz, the Bóbr and the Nysa Kłodzka..
Horse riding in Wrocław and in the surrounding towns …