Wroclaw – Wieliczka Salt Mine tour

Duration: 9-10h
Number of people: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price/person in € 250 150 110 90 80 70 60 60

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Included in the price: hotel pickup, transportation, parking fees, driver, taxes, entrance fees.

Wieliczka is the oldest (founded in the 13 C), continuously running salt mine in the world, and is the greatest tourist attraction in Poland. In underground mine chambers you can see how mining techniques have evolved over the centuries while also admiring beautiful interiors and sculptures made of salt. In 1978 the salt mine was entered on the first ever UNESCO World Heritage List along with 11 other sites from around the world.

Wieliczka Salt Mine – a technical monument on UNESCO list
In Wieliczka salt was exploited since the XIII century until 1996. The monument is a great presentation of the mining history. Why is it worth visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine?

It is not surprising that Wieliczka Salt Mine as one of the first 12 objects, was added to UNESCO World Heritage list in 1978. One of the biggest and oldest industrial buildings on our continent was operating since the Middle Ages to the end of the last century. The numbers show magnitude of this object: there is 300 km of corridors, excavations cover the area that is 5,5 kilometres long and 1,5 km wide. Volume of exploitation voids is 7,5 million m3. Salt was exploited from 9 levels at a depth between 57 and 327 meters.
Visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine
While visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine, you should plan your sightseeing route. For a few hours you can turn yourself into miners, put overalls and get acquainted with the daily work in the mine while walking Wieliczka corridors. The traditional, sightseeing route is not less attractive. 3km route leads through more than 20 chambers, the famous Chapel of St. Kinga and next to saline lake. The route starts in the Daniłowicz shaft, where guides from the Wieliczka Salt Mine will tell you about its history and secrets. Attractions of Wieliczka Salt Mine are not only mining machinery and tools, but also charming spaces adapted by humans, such as Chapel of St. Kinga- the patron of miners, according to legend she brought salt treasure to Polish land. In the chapel tourists, while listening to the legend of St. Kinga told by the guide, can admire the unique salt works of art, such as chandeliers made of salt. Visitors can also listen to Frederic Chopin’s music, played on the shores of saline lakes. While visiting the mine, you should go to Cracow Saltworks of Wieliczka, where in 14 chambers at a depth of 135 m collections illustrating not only the history of the Wieliczka Mine, salt mining techniques, but also the history of Wieliczka are presented.