Wroclaw – Poznan Tour

Duration: 9-10h
Number of people: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price/person: 890 490 350 280 250 240 230 220

Included in the price: hotel pickup, transportation, parking fees, local guide, taxes.


Poznań – an innovative city loving “Pyry z gzikiem”

The heart of Wielkopolska is considered as one of the most economic and innovative cities in Poland. Archaeologists at Poznan Cathedral Island are finding the origins of the Polish state and Poznan is the only city the name of which we can hear while singing the national anthem. Why it is worth visiting this special place?

Even in the tenth, Poznań century was one of the most important political and religious centres of the Piast country, although the foundation of the city dates back to 1275.The first Polish king Bolesław Chrobry and his father Mieszko I are buried in the cathedral on Poznan Cathedral Island. Patrons of this one of the oldest cities in our country are St. Peter and St. Paul, they are placed on the coat of arms of Poznan with the keys to the city gates. In 2008, the historical centre of the heart of Wielkopolska was on the list of historical monuments.

The Old Market Square and Castle District- the historic hallmark of Poznan

The most important square in the heart of Wielkopolska -the Old Market Square is surrounded by tenement houses, and in two of them you can see the exhibitions of the Museum of Musical Instruments and the Museum of Henryk Sienkiewicz. In the middle of the market there are: Weight house, Bamberka Monument, City Gallery, Wielkopolska Military Museum and the merchants houses, and above all, the Renaissance Town Hall with goats, which every day at noon butt each other twelve times on the tower. You should also see other buildings located in the city centre – Fara, Stary Browar, Library Raczynski, Hotel Bazaar, Polish Theatre, Castle Przemysl and fascinating Castle District with the University Aula, the square and park of Adam Mickiewicz, the Grand Theatre and the Imperial Castle.

Innovation and economy are the most important features of the city

Poznan for many years has been one of the strongest economic and the most innovative cities in the country .It is here, in the heart of Wielkopolska, where Poznan International Fair are operating – one of the largest and the oldest fair organizations in Europe. Even Poland’s first petrol station and power plant were created in Poznan, it was also the first city in the country lit by street gas lamps. People from Poznań are known for their love for potatoes and the local dialect – there often pyry z gzikiem are being served- potatoes with specially flavoured curd cheese, or plendze- a kind of potato pancakes.