Wroclaw – Lodz Tour

Duration: 10-11h
Number of people: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price/person: 950 490 350 290 250 220 200 200

Included in the price: hotel pickup, transportation, parking fees, taxes, local guide.

Discover all the faces of Łodz

 Las Łagiewnicki (Łagiewniki Forest)- the largest municipal forest complex in Europe, Poland’s first electric tram network, numerous festivals and rickshaws driving along Piotrkowska street create the character of this city. Łódź, once known primarily as an industrial centre, today is considered one of the most important places in the history of Polish cinema. See Lodz, you have never previously heard of!

Historians found first mention about Lodz in a document from 1332, and the date of foundation of the town is already clear – 1423. Until the end of the eighteenth century Łódź was an agricultural and handicraft city, and the total change in its character was due to the industrial revolution. The city, which since 1793 was under the Prussian rule, quickly became an important centre of weaving and wool merchants. Its potential soon began to attract people of many cultures – since the second half of the nineteenth century, not only the Poles, but also the Jews, the Germans and the Russians had a significant impact on the image of Łódź. Multiculturalism of the city lasted until the tragic events of the World War II. In Łódź, there was the Jewish ghetto and a camp for the Gypsies, besides the war destroyed many industrial buildings. After 1945, the city quickly became one of the most important academic and film centres in Poland.

Lodz – Art Nouveau, industrial or cinematic?

Lodz is one of the most fascinating cities in our country where you can still see traces of its complicated history. Here you can visit the Jewish cemetery- one of the largest in Europe and two still active synagogues, it is also worth to visit the Poznański palace sponsored by the Jewish family of weaving tycoons. The plan of the tour can also include the three palaces of the Scheiblers or Księży Młyn – a complex of factory and residential buildings belonging to the family. We highly recommend every visitor: a post-factory complex, nowadays a shopping mall Manufaktura, Piotrkowska street with numerous Art Nouveau buildings, as well as Neo-Gothic Cathedral of St. Stanislaus Kostka, with its famous organ concerts. A lover of a silver screen, in turn, will be fascinated by the Avenue of Stars and Small Forms Film Studio Se-Ma-For.