Polish Cities Tours

Krakow is one of the oldest Polish cities and a former capital of Poland. It is also the most often visited city by tourists. Wieliczka Salt Mine (the suburbs of Krakow) is one of the most interesting Polish tourist attractions. Everyone should see it.
Wieliczka to najstarsza na świecie kopalnia soli, która pracuje nieprzerwanie od średniowiecza i stanowi największą atrakcję turystyczną Polski. W podziemiach kopalni można dowiedzieć się jak…
Because riding from Wrocław to Warsaw takes more than 4 hours, this can be a choice of the most persistent people. Warsaw is much bigger than other Polish cities and it is still expanding its tourist offer. It can be an interesting option for those interested in the Second World War.
Częstochowa is called a spiritual capital of Poland. The city is the centre of the cult of the Virgin Mary in Poland, and the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa is known for the miraculous defence of Jasna Góra..
Łódź is one of the most fascinating cities in our country where you can still see traces of complicated history. Here you can visit the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, two still active synagogues, and you can see Poznański palaces sponsored by the Jewish weaving tycoons family.
A Heart of Wielkopolska is considered one of the most economic and innovative cities in Poland. Archaeologists on Poznan Cathedral Island found there the origins of the Polish state and Poznan is the only city mentioned in the national anthem. Why is it worth to visit this special place?