Wroclaw – Prague Tour

Prague – the land of the golden liquor and the Vltava River flowing

“Where the beer pours, there you can live well” – it is one of the Czech proverbs. We should just add that where the beer is a obligatory beverage for a filling dinner, tours are always successful there. Welcome to a joint tour around Prague!

The Czechs’ love of the golden drink with a foam and a passionate hockey players’ cheering are already shrouded in a legend. Pilsner Urquell is the best known brand of the Czech beer, although liquors brewed in small local breweries are becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries.

Long and complicated history of the city will be told by the Prague guides

 The first inhabitants of the land where the Prague residents live now, were the Celtic tribes settled there around the fifth century BC. The Celts were driven out by the German tribes and the Germans – by the Slavs. At the beginning of the ninth century the Premyslids founded a city here that within five centuries became Europe’s largest urban centre up north of the Alps. In the seventeenth century, after the defeat in the battle of White Mountain in 1620, more and more German-speaking population were coming to Prague. Both nations were functioning simultaneously till 1918 when Czechoslovakia was created. In the twentieth century, full of wars, during the Second World War Prague was firstly occupied by the Third Reich, and in 1993 because of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into two countries, it became the capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague Old Town is mentioned in UNESCO World Heritage Site

Prague attractions are primarily countless monuments, which have been perfectly preserved to our times. The Prague guides frequently show the Old Town and the Prague Castle to the tourists.

Although the fire, which broke out in 1689, consumed a large part of the old town, but it still saved some medieval architecture. Visiting this part of the Czech capital can be a walk between the monuments preserved in the shape that was seen by residents of seventeenth-century Prague. The buildings in the vicinity of the former Jesuit college Clementinum are an exception. The Old Town Square is surrounded by the medieval and baroque tenement houses, and in the middle of it there are a statue of Jan Hus and the Town Hall, which has been damaged, as one of the few buildings in the city, by the retreating Nazi forces. Tours around Prague while visiting the old town can also see the oldest institution of higher education in this part of Europe – Charles University, founded in 1348, the former Jesuit College, which houses, among others, Johannes Kepler observatory, fourteenth-century Charles Bridge and the Gothic church buildings – the monastery of St. Agnes from the thirteenth century and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn from the fourteenth century.

In Hradcany tourists move into another dimension

Tourists visiting Prague cannot forget about the Prague Castle – the royal district founded in the fourteenth century on the west bank of the Vltava river. Here, the main tourist attractions are: Golden Lane, which supposedly can move globetrotters into another dimension, numerous religious buildings, such as the Baroque Loret monastery or St. Vitus Cathedral which has been built for 600 years, Vladislav Hall in the Old Royal Palace with its impressive ceiling, but first of all, the Royal Castle with beautiful courtyards, Queen Anna’s belvedere and gardens. Every day at noon, you can see a spectacular changing of the guard of honour in front of the royal castle, and the picturesque panorama of Prague on the Hradcany market.