Lower Silesia Tours

It is a tour, the most often chosen by tourists. In one day, we’ll show you the most interesting attractions in the Lower Silesia: Książ – a picturesquely located castle, beautiful Church of Peace and fascinating undergrounds built during the last war.
This charming town near the Czech border offers plenty of attractions: Park Zdrojowy with a Pump Room, Moving Crib in Czeremna, Trail of Vanishing Trades, Skull Chapel in Czeremna. You can also go to Szczeliniec or Errant Rocks. On your way from Wroclaw it is worth to go to Kłodzko to visit the local fortress.
A unique Cistercian abbey, a medieval castle or Bolesławiec – a city famous for its porcelain. This tour includes an attractions located west of Wroclaw. You can drive some part of the way on the highway, and then change it to lovely local roads. Enjoy a guided tour!!
Here is another proposal of a trip from Wroclaw. This time, we encourage you to choose trip to the south-west part of the city. You will learn the history of a medieval castle, the history of the Gross-Rosen camp and see the unique exhibits in the Museum of Technology and Railways in Jaworzyna Śląska. And all this in the company of a nice and well-informed guide. You are welcome to join!
This time we will take you to the Karkonosze Mountains and show you their greatest attractions. We plan visiting The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park, picturesque Wang church and the former uranium mine. In addition- scenic views!
This time we invite you to discover a unique land called Klodzko Valley. It is full of interesting places to see like a twon Klodzko with a massive fortress, Paper Museum in Duszniki or Table Mountaines National Park. Here you can also visit spa resorts and try mineral waters from local springs!
Srebrna Góra is the largest mountain fortress in Europe, and Kłodzko Fortress was a historical place till II World War. This tour is a real journey through time.
The Lower Silesia is full of numerous attractions and sights that attract adventuresome tourists. There are a lot of different kinds of unique castles with fabulous and often tragic stories. If you want to see them – we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. Many sensations guaranteed.
Our offer would not be complete, if we have not offered you sightseeing flights. It’s probably the best way to “see” a few things in a short time. And although we wouldn’t call it a sightseeing, still these – breath-taking views can compensate the fact that we do not visit the interior. The flight may also be in a company of a guide..