Wroclaw – Tyskie Brewery Tour

The brewery in Tychy – one of the oldest breweries in Poland

In Tychy, the beer has been brewed for four centuries, making Tychy brewery one of the oldest in Poland. If you are going from Wrocław to Tychy Brewery, it is worth to prepare for a lot of sightseeing. Tychy Brewing Museum reveals the history and secrets of making the golden drink.

Tours from Wrocław to Tychy Brewery are a unique opportunity to get to know the place where this unique beer has been produced. The beverage with a foam that set out on a journey from the Prince’s Brewery in Tychy to Paris was drunk during the opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1899. The Prince’s Brewery itself is today the biggest brewery in our country. Although during 400 years of its existence, owners of Tychy brewery changed repeatedly, jet since 1999 it has been formally a part of Kompania Piwowarska, headquartered in Poznań. Tyskie beer is produced today by bottom fermentation using water from Gronie spring on a slope of Górka Mikołowska.

Attractions of Tychy Brewery

In Tychy Museum of Brewing, opened in 2004, you can watch a three-dimensional movie and see the beginning of making beer in Tychy. Exhibits placed in the former Evangelical church from the early XX-th century will also help you to get to know the history of the Prince’s Brewery in Tychy. In the museum, some exhibits deserve special attention: mugs, bottles, barrels, machines and tools necessary to work as a brewer, as well as multimedia presentations and interactive exhibition tools. Museum tours can be combined with tasting Tychy alcoholic beverage or Tychy Brewery sight-seeing. On summer weekends you can see the museum by night. Every year, Tychy Brewery Museum is visited by tens of thousands of Polish and foreign tourists.