Wroclaw – Lwowek Slaski Brewery Tour

Lwówek Śląski brewery – a pioneer of making beer in Poland

Until now, Lwówek brewery, the oldest brewery in Poland, has been producing the golden liquor using the old methods. The water drawn from drilled wells and open tuns give the beer a unique taste. In the museum you can get to know the history of the brewery.

Lwówek brewing history dates 800 years back, when King Henry the Bearded in 1209 gave Lwówek Śląski a privilege of brewing beer. At first the liquor with a foam was created in homes and farms, and since the XVIII-th century in a brewery with a malt house.

The traditional method of brewing

Lwówek brewery boasts its natural method of brewing. A gold beverage produced on the basis of ground water coming from local well. People, not machines are supervising the fermentation of barley malt in open vats.

Thanks to it the process, lasting about a month, gives a characteristic smell of warm malt, which spreads around Lwówek Śląski brewery.

The only such a museum in the Lower Silesia

Tours from Wrocław to Lwówek Śląski brewery are like entering a completely different world. Lower Silesian Brewery Museum presents its collections in the basement of the brewery. Among the approximately 400 exhibits connected with brewing regional beer, you can find bottles from more than 40 breweries in Lower Silesia, beer mugs, labels, boxes, as well as a device for producing and storing beer. A fridge from 1905 and 30 years younger barrel of stainless steel are truly unique pieces. Going from Wrocław to Lwówek Śląski brewery, you can be sure to get acquainted with various stages of production of the golden beverage. Visitors after watching a short film are invited to the brewery, where they can see a brewery-house, a storage cellar and a bottling plant.