Food and Wine Tours

Po II wojnie światowej Wrocław i Dolny Śląsk stały się domem dla przybyszów z różnych części Polski (przedwojenna Polska obejmowała tereny dzisiejszej Litwy, Białorusi i Ukrainy) i Europy. Ta różnorodność przejawiała się nie tylko w sferze tradycji i obyczajów, ale także w kuchni. Dlatego dzisiaj Wrocław ( i Dolny Śląsk) są wymarzonym miejscem dla osób ceniących sobie dobrą kuchnie i szukających zdrowych, regionalnych produktów.

Polish cuisine is not exactly good for a diet, nor it is as popular as Italian, or French one. However, it has its loyal fans around the world. Here you will find information about the traditional Polish dishes, which you can taste in Wrocław restaurants or try to do them by yourself. You will also get to know what the culinary habits of the Poles are.
We don’t think of Poland if we are talking about winemaking. However, the Lower Silesia region is also a unique place because of it. Convenient, local climate favouring it as well as residents of the Lower Silesia themselves who are not afraid of the new, have decided to build here a couple of wineries. It should be remembered that the winemaking tradition here dates back to the medieval times.
Because of the number of breweries in the city, the medieval Wrocław was named “Bavaria of the North”. Nowadays we cannot boast about so many breweries as ever, but the fashion for beer (especially as a craft) returns. Enjoy a beer adventure !!
If you have taken a liking to Polish cuisine and you still feel the hunger, you can take part in cooking workshops. During these exciting classes you will learn how to make different Polish dishes and you will get to know their history. Cooking will certainly be brightened by tasting various Polish alcoholic beverages..
This page provides information about regional products from the Lower Silesia. They are not only tasty and healthy, but they can also be a great souvenir from the trip to the Lower Silesia or an original gift. So you should check whether the route of your trip includes the place famous for its products.